Here’s Where You Can Rent Private Gardens and Farms in California


If you’re on the hunt for a quiet and peaceful outdoor retreat in the Southern California area, listen up. Healing Gardens want to help. This new platform offers a bevy of picturesque gardens, farms, and other outdoor spaces that can be rented out for your enjoyment. Think: Airbnb, but specifically to rent out dreamy spaces in nature.

Head to the Healing Gardens website, where you can reserve some quiet, distraction-free time in nature and/or list your space for others to use. Depending on what you’re in the market for, there are rentals available for solo activities such as exercising, reading, or even WFH (yup, WiFi is even offered in some locations!). You can also reserve a garden for some time with family, a date, or a social gathering. Each listing notes which amenities are offered on-site. Price per rental depends on the location, amount of time reserved, and the number of people present.

Founded by Abhishek Arora and Farmer Rishi, Headling Gardens has two goals, per its About Us page. First, it works to offer up sanctuary-like spaces for folks who need to destress — as well as reap the benefits of nature (after all, plants can be very therapeutic!). Second, Healing Gardens wants to help support gardeners with an additional source of revenue that could be used towards more eco-friendly resources like high carbon soil. Research seen here from the Yale School of the Environment shows how this soil can be a valuable tool used in slowing climate change.

You love finding new gardening tricks. So do we. Let us share the best of them.

Current listings available on Healing Gardens include Sarvodaya Farms & Nursery in Pomona, an urban farm and nursery filled with vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees. Moonwater Farm in Compton, meanwhile, boasts a waterfall, a rabbit warren, and a goat pen — perfect for a family fun day. In addition to allowing guests to rent out space, some gardens also offer events: For example, the Art and Roots Garden in North Inglewood is currently hosting a Mother’s Day tea event for the entire month of May where guests can have the garden all to themselves for two hours. A tea spread, a special tablescape, and a curated floral arrangement come included. You can learn more about Healing Gardens here.

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