How Abbey Clancy solves interior design disputes with Peter


For most people who live with their partner, Abbey Clancy’s attitude to solving interior design-related quarrels might be a familiar tale. Maybe your taste is quiet luxury chic while your partner loves a statement living room colour scheme, or perhaps you disagree on how much you should spend on certain pieces of decor. Or maybe, just maybe, your partner doesn’t have much of an opinion until suddenly they don’t like your new purchase. 

Whatever the specific issue might be, it’s undeniable that home design can throw up some additional reasons for tension, that not even Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch are bigger than. 

So how do we solve these common bickers? According to Abbey, the answer is to ‘let him think it’s his idea but he doesn’t get a say’. While this might keep arguments at bay for the pair, we’ve turned to the experts to determine the tangible steps to solving interior design disputes within your romantic relationship. Saving your love life and your interior style one step at a time. 

Abby Clancy stood in kitchen with large fake sheep behind her.

(Image credit: Salamanda Media / ITVBe)

‘I’ve always loved homes and interiors, ever since I was a little girl I’d make things or be moving the furniture around,’ says Abbey. ‘I love making a house a home, for over ten years I lived a very transient life with Peter where we were living up and down the country in rental properties so I could never really put my own stamp on things but wherever I went, I always made sure wherever we were felt like home.’


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