PIC introduce New Vic BTR with innovative gym space by Technogym


Pension Insurance Corporation's New Vic Build to Rent scheme with innovative gym space by Technogym | BTR NewsPension Insurance Corporation's New Vic Build to Rent scheme with innovative gym space by Technogym | BTR News
Pension Insurance Corporation’s New Vic Build to Rent scheme with innovative gym space by Technogym.

New Vic is the first Build to Rent development from Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC), offering 520 high-quality homes on a repurposed site next to Manchester Victoria train station. The New Vic development features over 17,000 sq ft of resident amenities alongside 6,000 sq ft of commercial space.

Sam Winnard, Head of Built to Rent Operations and Hannah Avery, Resident Experience Manager at PIC explain why it was so important to create a true 360 wellness offer for New Vic’s residents.

“Manchester is a thriving city, and we are delighted to start our Build to Rent journey in this vibrant environment. The scale of the New Vic scheme means we’ve been able to have some fun creating amenities that go the extra mile.”

Sam Winnard, Head of Built to Rent Operations, PIC

Build to Rent gym install to rival commercial fitness facilities

Fitness and wellness amenities are always a strong pull for Build to Rent residents, with on-site gym topping the list along with co-working spaces and private parking. PIC worked with the Strom Group and Technogym to design and install a spacious, multi-functional gym that would become a tangible cost saving for residents.

“We wanted the New Vic gym to have the equipment, classes, and digital support people want in a primary gym, so they wouldn’t need a bolt-on secondary option. It really adds value to our residents’ experience.”

Hannah Avery, Resident Experience Manager, PIC

Build to Rent amenities have the power to create a true at-home feel as an extension to residents’ apartments. Every detail at New Vic has been carefully considered to offer residents a 360 service that supports work, leisure, wellness and community.

“The spaces where we live need to work hard for us, and one of the joys of creating a Build to Rent development is being able to give people multi-use spaces that people will really love.”

Hannah Avery, Resident Experience Manager, PIC

In New Vic’s gym, this approach has resulted in an open, zoned space where people can train by themselves or with others, in a class format or using virtual content. Alongside the gym, the team have expanded New Vic’s wellness offer with Personal Trainer support, a group exercise timetable, an event space for pop up classes, and immersive fitness experiences driven by digital content.

Innovative gym space by Technogym | BTR NewsInnovative gym space by Technogym | BTR News
Innovative gym space by Technogym.

Prime position gym to boost motivation for movement

The aesthetic continues New Vic’s updated Victoriana theme, with high ceilings, traditional skirting and unique décor. Technogym’s cutting-edge equipment fits the brief with its matte black styling and simple, unobtrusive tech. Sam and Hannah worked with Technogym to select cardio equipment, strength kit, and functional fitness pieces that would cover all bases from traditional to more niche solutions.

“We knew what our residents would want, but needed expert advice on equipment and digital solutions that would fit that brief. Technogym are leaders in their field, and this partnership has meant we’ve created an outstanding gym facility that our residents love.”

Sam Winnard, Head of Built to Rent Operations, PIC

Equipment partners to support a 360 approach to Build to Rent wellness

Technogym Excite Live cardio kit offers premium digital connectivity, with large screens and user-friendly functions that give users the best possible workout experience.

Technogym Skillmill, Skillrow, and Skillbike machines bring in best-in-class advanced cardio options for individual training, small group workouts, and for Personal Trainers to offer engaging PT sessions.

New Vic gym | BTR NewsNew Vic gym | BTR News
New Vic gym.

In the strength zone, the New Vic gym features key Technogym Selection 700 machines, an Olympic half rack, and the dual adjustable pulley to offer users greater choice in how they train.

In the studio area, a large screen can display Technogym on-demand content so gym goers can experience expertly guided workouts in their own time or do a virtual class with one or two friends.

Best-in-class fitness equipment for 1,000 Build to Rent residents

Once fully occupied, New Vic will be home to around 1,000 residents, and Build to Rent gyms have a higher uptake than commercial gyms. The partnership with Technogym enabled PIC to offer variety, advanced functionality, and the ability for people to choose how they workout. New Vic’s mix of equipment, digital, and on-demand content means all residents can have a really good training session.

“People are loving life at New Vic and the gym is a huge part of that. It’s great that people can be active from the day they move in, without needing to source an external gym or find out how to get there. It’s all here for them, with the added bonus of being part of a true community vibe. We’re so pleased with feedback so far.”

Hannah Avery, Resident Experience Manager, PIC

Studio area at New Vic | BTR NewsStudio area at New Vic | BTR News
Studio area at New Vic.

The next phase of wellness at New Vic includes a full timetable of exercise classes, access to Personal Trainers, and wellness options that go the extra mile.

“We’ll be listening to residents to see what they want, but we envisage offering things like pet yoga, children’s fitness, and wellness workshops. We’re keen to push the boundaries of what Build to Rent wellbeing looks like, and give people the opportunity to be as involved as they want on any given day.”

Hannah Avery, Resident Experience Manager, PIC

A flagship Build to Rent scheme that sets the standard

New Vic is PIC’s flagship Build to Rent scheme, and the team are excited to evolve the wellness offer across future schemes in London, Milton Keynes and Birmingham.

“Wellness is a destination, and we are excited to get even more creative with future developments, including the introduction of wet facilities at our Birmingham site. We are delighted with the success of New Vic’s gym and can’t wait to keep pushing the boundaries of Build to Rent wellness.”

Sam Winnard, Head of Built to Rent Operations, PIC

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