Versatile Tiny Home Grand Sojourner Boasts a Spacious Interior, Ideal for Big Families


When most people think about tiny homes, they often imagine small houses on wheels that have one bedroom and just enough interior space for single people. But there are some tinies that push the boundaries of small living. A great example is Grand Sojourner, a versatile tiny home that comes with not one, not two, but three bedrooms!

Grand Sojourner was designed by Australia-based Häuslein, a builder that has been constructing tiny houses since 2018. It’s the company’s biggest model, and it’s an extended version of its first home on wheels Sojourner – a 26-foot (8-meter) mobile habitat that we covered a while ago.

Just like its smaller sibling, Grand Sojourner is intended to be a retreat, a break from the journey. It embodies the concept of freedom, allowing the owners to move or stop at their own leisure, all while enjoying the comfort of a spacious home.

It measures 29.5 feet (9 meters) in length, and it’s 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) wide. Suitable for a big family, this home is packed with amenities and has a lot of interior space thanks to the clever design solutions that it incorporates. One such smart idea that makes space stretch further into the Grand Sojourner is the slide-out, a rare feature on a tiny.

Grand Sojourner tiny house

Photo: Häuslein

With the slide-out, the living room becomes a cozy area that can be enjoyed by guests or members of the family. There’s a large couch placed in front of a TV, and a lot of space in between that can be used to fit a coffee table. Plus, below and above the TV, you’ll see two big wooden bookshelves.

Right next to the living room is a beautiful kitchen that comes complete with all the necessary appliances. It includes a sink, a dishwasher, a full-size stove, an oven, as well as a generous fridge. A breakfast bar is placed in front of a large window, which lets natural light bathe the whole area.

A few steps ahead is the bathroom. It’s compact, but it does have everything a family needs, including a small sink, a nice corner shower, and a flush toilet. Surprisingly, it does have room for a big wardrobe and a washer/dryer combo.

Grand Sojourner tiny house

Photo: Häuslein

Perhaps the most striking feature you’ll see inside Grand Sojourner is its three-room layout that can be customized to fit the owners’ needs. The house comes with two spacious lofts and a downstairs area. Häuslein says that they can be used as “multi-purpose rooms.”

The versatile design allows customers to turn the downstairs room into a master bedroom, a kid’s bedroom with bunks, desks or cupboards, or a small office. Both lofts can also be converted into bedrooms, a study, storage, or an entertainment area since they provide enough head room to sit on a couch or at a workstation.

The team says that Grand Sojourner can be used as a permanent residence for a big family, or it can become a great tiny retirement. A big house gets harder to maintain as you get older, so a smaller construction like this one is a nice option. Since every essential element is already placed downstairs, there wouldn’t be an issue. The lofts can be turned into space for guests that want to stay over for a short period of time.

Grand Sojourner tiny house

Photo: Häuslein

Grand Sojourner can also become an extension of your home. Owners can park it in their yard and turn it into an office or private space ready to be used whenever they need it.

As one can imagine, such a spacious tiny house that’s filled with amenities doesn’t come with a tiny price. Grand Sojourner starts at $129,800. However, it’s worth noting that the price can go up or down, depending on the layout, appliances, and features chosen. Customers who want to minimize their footprint have the option to live off-the-grid as well. Check out the video down below for a thorough walkthrough of Grand Sojourner.

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