The Adventure Shack & Rentals is CLOSED for the season.

Call the status line and check back here in Spring 2024 for opening dates and details.

Status line: 410-313-7303

Cash or Credit Card (No checks):
2 or 4 seat paddle boat (fee per half hour): $15 for Howard County residents, $17 non-resident
Canoe, single or double kayak (fee per hour):  $15 for Howard County residents, $17 non-resident
Fishing boat with trolling motor* (fee per half-day rental, 4 hours): $35 for Howard County residents, $37 non-resident

Additional $10 deposit and physical government-issued photo ID required for each boat. For example, if paying by cash, you must have the initial rental fee PLUS the $10 deposit per boat before renting.  If paying by card, your card will be charged the initial rental fee and held as a deposit – your card WILL be charged if you forfeit your deposit for any reason. The primary renter’s residential status will determine the rental fee.

Example for renting multiple boats: One person, a Howard County resident, is paying to rent three paddleboats. That person must provide a photo ID for the first boat, and two other individuals (16 yrs+) must provide their photo ID for each of the other two boats. All three fees will be at the County resident rate so long as the first individual is paying for the three rentals. If paying cash, you must have $30 in addition to the rental fee for the $10 deposit required for each boat).

* By law, boaters born on or after July 1,1972 must carry a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators-approved certificate of boating safety education when operating a motorized boat on Maryland waters. This includes operating a fishing boat with a trolling motor on Centennial Lake – the Adventure Shack & Rentals is not responsible for any fines resulting from a failure to comply. For information on how to obtain a Maryland Safe Boating Certificate, visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources at

Rules & Regulations

  1. All park rules and regulations must be followed.
  2. Swimming is NOT allowed in the lake.
  3. Littering in the park or lake is not allowed and will result in immediate expulsion from the park.
  4. All boat renters must be 16 years or older and have a physical photo ID. A separate photo ID and deposit is required for each boat. Virtual IDs (Apple Wallet, etc.) will not be accepted. The renter is responsible for loss or damage to equipment by anyone in their party. A person 16 years of age or older must be in the boat at all times.
  5. All boaters are required to wear a U.S.C.G. approved personal floatation device at all times.
  6. In the event of inclement weather, all boats must be returned to the boat dock area immediately. If a storm suddenly approaches, take the boat to the nearest shoreline, exit water and secure boat to land.
  7. Boats are limited to a maximum of two people in a two-person paddle boat, two people in a tandem kayak, three people in a canoe and four people in a four-person paddleboat.
  8. Unsafe conduct or inappropriate behavior anywhere in the park is prohibited.
  9. All boats must return back to dock area within 30 minutes of the posted closing time.
  10. All fishermen 16 years or older are required to have a valid Maryland Freshwater Fishing License, and to conform to all fishing regulations in regard to catching and returning fish in this lake.
  11. Feeding the wildlife is prohibited.
  12. No pets allowed on rental boats.
  13. Entering and exiting the boat is the passenger’s responsibility.
  14. All boaters must be at least two years of age and must be able to sit in their own seat on the boat. No sitting on laps or in the middle of paddleboats.
  15. No standing on the boats; please remain in your seats. If you want to switch seats, come back to the rental dock.
  16. All boats are first-come, first-served. Groups must make prior arrangements by emailing [email protected] — allow at least two weeks notice. 

Failure to follow these rules at all times will result in the loss of deposit. If paying by card, your card will be charged the additional $10 deposit if you forfeit the deposit for any reason.

Violation of applicable regulations or failure to obey a direct order from a Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks employee may result in termination of the boat rental agreement, forfeiture of deposit, loss of park privileges including expulsion from the park, and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties set forth in section 19.201 of the Howard County Code.


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