Strange feature in $260 studio exposes grim reality for Aussie tenants


An Aussie studio has horrified renters over an unusual feature. At $260 a week, the “private” and “self-contained” property is being advertised as containing a “neat and basic kitchen with a small benchtop and oven/stove”.

But those viewing the listing were quick to notice one very obvious and unmentioned detail: A shower in said kitchen. Adjacent to the sink, microwave and fridge, a shower cubicle can be seen facing the middle of the apartment.

Sydney studio rental with shower in the kitchenSydney studio rental with shower in the kitchen

There’s no mistaking where the shower is located in this rental property. Source:

Alongside the unique showering experience, the future tenant of the “standalone garden studio” will have access to an “undercover outdoor space with external toilet”, which is located at the rear of the building in Sydney’s inner west.

“Surely this can’t be allowed, right?” a Reddit user posted, drawing a stream of comments from unimpressed Aussies. “That’s the epitome of s**t,” another user responded, while someone else pointed out the property “kinda looks like a laundry they’ve put aircon in and added a microwave to,” and added that it’s “not an actual dwelling”.

Sydney studio rental's main room and undercover outdoor spaceSydney studio rental's main room and undercover outdoor space

The studio apartment comes with access to an undercover outdoor space and external toilet. Source:

However, others pointed out the efficiency of bathing in the kitchen. “Wash the dishes whilst showering,” one user suggested. “If I was in my early 20s, single and looking for a cheap place to live, it would be OK,” another argued. “The only real deal breaker would be the outside dunny! That would get old, real quick.”

Is it legal?

In NSW, a residential property is only considered fit for habitation if it has “bathroom facilities, including toilet and washing facilities that allow users’ privacy” according to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. Property lawyer Monica Rouvellas suggests the layout of this studio apartment could therefore make it unfit for a tenancy.

“A shower in a kitchen would be in violation of this legal requirement. Having looked at the photos, there is also concern for whether there is adequate ventilation,” Ms Rouvellas told Yahoo News Australia.

“Based on the listing, it appears that someone has converted an existing garage or shed into a studio apartment,” Ms Rouvellas continued. “In NSW, before converting a garage or outdoor storage space into a habitable room, you will need DA approval from your local council, and there are certain building and safety requirements under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) that need to be met.”

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