Will Gen Z’s take on millennial grey stand the test of time?


If there’s anything that Gen Z is certainly known for, it’s their ability to hop from home decor trend to trend and do so unapologetically.

From the organic modern trend, ‘it girl’ aesthetic, to the strawberry girl aesthetic, there’s definitely a theme we’re seeing and more with the home decor choices growing in favour of the younger generations. They’re known for styling their homes in a way to enter their villain era, decorating their spaces to appease only themselves.

If you asked us what we thought these home decor trends had in common to fall into the category of ‘Gen Z interior style’, here’s all we’ll say: exploring the use of colour, light wood interiors, and organic shapes galore. However, are these new interior trends simply repeats of the millennial trends they now refer to as ‘cringe’, or do they actually possess longevity that’s here to stay?

Colourful bedroom with light blue panelled wall, hanging artwork

(Image credit: Future PLC)


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