ARK Homes for Rent Targets $2 Billion Investment in SFR Verticals


On the heels of rebranding, one of the country’s leading single-family rental home operators, ARK Homes for Rent has announced that it is finalizing plans with strategic investors that will allow it to invest up to $2 billion in single-family rentals (SFR) and built-to-rent (BTR) communities. Known as a trailblazer in the real estate industry for identifying opportunities in the SFR arena, ARK Homes for Rent will be inviting home builders, landowners, and others to join the platform for the execution of said plans.

“With the capital market uncertainty and debt-financing difficult to come by for many that do not have our deep bench of relationships, our firm is in the rare position to provide capital to invest in one the fastest growing real estate industries,” said Jordan Kavana, founder and CEO, ARK Homes For Rent. “Our team has been successfully identifying SFR market opportunities and creating strong risk-adjusted returns for investors since 2008. With the right partners, we expect to grow our portfolio pipeline from nearly 10,000 homes to more than 20,000.”

Over the next three years, ARK Homes for Rent will focus 65% of its investments in BTR and 35% in newly built SFR. The firm is mainly targeting fully entitled projects. Currently operating predominately throughout the Sun Belt region, ARK Homes for Rents continues to identify strong markets within growing MSA’s in commerce, industry, and innovation for investment opportunities.

“While we only invest in newly built SFR, we are value hunters and look to provide the best returns for our investment partners and feel we are in a position to really make an impact on this growing industry,” adds Kavana.

With home prices at an all-time high and interest rates continuing to climb, many potential home buyers are turning to the SFR market to meet their housing needs. Unlike other SFR operators ARK Homes for Rent portfolio only provides tenants with new homes with builder home warranties from industry-leading home builders. The ARK Homes for Rent portfolio offers renters exceptional amenities, including new appliances, granite countertops, decorative backsplashes, energy-conscious appliances, and hardwood floors.

In addition, tenants of ARK Homes for Rent have access to ARK Living, a proprietary—and first-of-a-kind—preventative health & wellness platform created to foster their overall health and well-being. Only available on the ARK Homes for Rent, the app provides holistic well-being solutions for every resident, regardless of their goals, income, cultural background, family situation, or even their personality type. Residents also have access to round-the-clock customer service, property maintenance, and tenant communications.

About ARK Homes for Rent
At ARK Homes for Rent, we create communities that cater to our residents’ holistic wellness. Surrounded by natural beauty, our brand-new homes enable renters to live active, free, and healthy lives. At the same time, ARK Homes for Rent app bridges the gap between comfortable living and optimal well-being. The app ensures seamless property maintenance and provides a robust catalog of on-demand wellness content. Backed by decades of experience in managing homes, we also bring an educated lens to leasing budget-friendly, single-family housing. When you rent a newly-built home with ARK, you can rest assured that we only provide top-quality rental homes backed by market wisdom. The days of leasing standard, out-of-date homes are over. We offer more than a home – we provide a lifestyle committed to nurturing your overall well-being. Live better—the ARK way.


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